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Air Pressure Testing

Eco Futures – Experts in Air Permeability and Tightness Testing

Air pressure testing ( air tightness testing or air permeability testing) is a requirement of Part L1A of the Building Regulations for newly built Domestic Properties. At Eco Futures we specialise in the testing of air permeability or tightness, having worked with a number of individual and corporate clients throughout Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales and further afield.

What is Air Tightness Testing?

Pressure testing measures the amount of uncontrolled air flow (also known as air leakage) within a property as a result of unsealed gaps or cracks within the thermal envelope.

The Building Regulations contain a maximum permitted threshold for the air tightness test, and the result of the test contributes towards your SAP calculations. Leakage testing default rates or sampling processes can be used, but it can be more cost-effective to carry out individual air pressure tests, the results of which can reduce the overall calculated energy consumption of a building.

Air Pressure Testing

Why Do You Need It?

The building pressure test result has a direct bearing on the property’s Dwelling Emission Rate (or Building Emission Rate) and therefore it’s overall compliance with Part L. There has also been a further impact since the introduction of a Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE) on the 6th April 2014 under Part L 2013 in England (see our news blog for details).

How Can Eco Futures Help?

From our location in South East Wales, we are ideally placed to work with companies both locally and throughout the UK. We are also an accredited testing service approved by iATS (Independent Air Tightness Testing Scheme) and accepted by Local Authority Building Control Inspectors & Private Approved Inspectors.

Our prices are competitive we are here to assist you with gaining compliance as quickly and easily as possible. If we are undertaking your SAP Assessments as well as your Air Pressure Testing then, subject to satisfactory results, we are able to automatically issue your EPCs, saving you valuable time.

If you are building a new property and would like more information about our air permeability testing service, call 01873 811909 today.

Our domestic testing prices are:

  • First test on-site per day from £175*
  • Subsequent tests=£65 per plot**

*Up to 60 miles from NP8 1LP
**On the same site, on the same day.

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If you would like us to help you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.