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Air Tightness Best Practice Training Delivered

Working in conjunction with Kier Living, we have recently developed and delivered on site Air Tightness Training to their key personnel, and the feedback we have received regarding it’s effectiveness has been superb – the attendees better understand why what they do is important and they pay more attention to detail in the future.

The package is structured as follows:-

1)      Basic Principles of Air Pressure Testing (10 Mins)

  1. What we do
  2. How we do it
  3. Equipment used

2)      Building regulations and SAP targets (5 mins)

3)      Walk through of a depressurised building (60pa) to identify leakage paths using feel and smoke (30 mins)

4)      Common issues (5 mins)

5)      Questions and answers

It is intended to be short, snappy and very visual as we appreciate that most contractors and sub-contractors don’t want to sit in a classroom and listen to an Air Tightness Tester drone on about the scientific theory and practice of a test – they want to understand why we do it, how we do it and how they impact the results.

If you would like us to help you and your teams understand more about Air Pressure Testing, then please do not hesitate to call Paul Short on 07792 541 247 .