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Robust Details – Update Jan 2013

The Code for Sustainable Homes allows Part E Robust Details (RD’s) to be used in order to qualify for sound credits under ‘Health & Wellbeing’ (Hea2) without the need to on-site pre-completion sound testing.

New Robust DetailsTM are regularly added and available for registration, and we thought it would be useful to include these on our website as soon as we recieve them.

January 2013 has seen the addition of a new concrete separating floor detail, E-FC-16 – Thermal Economics Iso-Rubber CC3 resilient layer bonded to screed applied to pre-cast planks. This detail is eligible for 3 CSH credits (or 4 EcoHomes credits).

The below table sets out the other Robust DetailsTM credits currently available (as of October 2012):-


Changes to the Considerate Constructors Scheme

The Considerate Constructors Scheme launched a new Code of Considerate Practice (CCP) from January 2013 which replaced the old Code. The new Code of Practice includes an update of all support documents including new checklists, new report formats and a new scoring system.

The old Code of Practice had eight sections, and the scoring method resulted in a site being awarded a score of up to five points in each section, giving a maximum potential score of 40 points altogether. To achieve 1 credit under the Code for Sustainable Homes, a score of 24 points (3 points in each section) was required.

The new Code of Practice has been reduced from eight to five sections, each consisting of a series of bullet points rather than the set of questions under the old scheme.

Because of the new scoring system, new scoring thresholds within the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria will be as follows:-


Current Point score   to achieve CSH credits

New Point score to achieve   CSH credits
  1 CR - Best Practice



  2 CR – Significantly beyond best practice



* a score of 5 in each of the 5 sections must be achieved

** a score of 7 in each of the 5 sections must be achieved

We have amended our processes and procedures to reflect the changes, but if you have any queries regarding the impact these changes will have on you, please do not hesitate to contact us.