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Briefing from the official Part L 2013 launch (England)

I attended the official Part L 2013 launch at the BRE on the 8th October, and below is a brief overview of changes to domestic dwellings:-

  • There is a 6% uplift to CO2 targets across build mix
  • Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEE) targets have been introduced (TFEE), but have been relaxed by 15% from those initially proposed by the Zero Carbon Hub
  • An “Elemental recipe” approach has been announced – essentially a list of u-values, air tightness, thermal bridging, ventilation and boiler efficiency that, if followed, will meet the CO2 and FEE Targets1
  • A Library of thermal bridging details will be published
  • No significant change to controlling heat gains in summer – the government are still investigating the causes and impact
  • New Building Services Compliance Guides will be published2
  • No increase in Quality Assurance measures to address the current performance gap between design and as built
  • No change in backstop u-values

The transitional arrangements between old regulations and new ones will be the same as we have seen previously i.e. planning applications submitted before the 6 April 2014 with a start date on site within one year will fall under the current 2010 regulations.

1 Although the elemental recipe approach is a compliant solution, it will still require a SAP calculation to be undertaken to demonstrate compliance and to facilitate the issue of EPCs.

2 One of the areas being addressed are the zoning requirements for space heating. Up to 150m2 will now be single zone not dual zone as currently specified. Over 150m2 to have two zones.

We are promised a Beta release of SAP in November, and so if you would like us to help you understand how these changes will impact on any standard house designs that you may have, please contact us to discuss.