Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is a Government adopted environmental assessment method for new homes.

The Code adopts a scoring system of six levels, with each level made up by achievement of both the appropriate mandatory minimum standards together with a proportion ‘flexible’ standards.

Our CSH assessments are usually carried out in three phases:-

  • Pre-Assessment Stage – The first step to establishing the specification to be scored. It is beneficial to involve your Code assessor as early in the design process as possible, so as many of the credit-earning issues as possible can be included in the design. Any short fall in the initial specification can be identified early and action taken in order to meet the planning and client requirements.
  • Design Stage – Evidence gathering.  Letters of intent, Design specification, drawing notes and detailed construction drawings.
    Interim Code certificate produced after BRE QA checks.
  • Post Construction stage – Confirmation of evidence. Surveys, photos, manufacturers information, invoices, checked calculations, etc.
    The final code certificate is issued after external quality assurance checks.

All of our Assessors are Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global accredited Code assessors, experienced in providing practical CSH consultancy services . Our collaborative and proactive approach to every project ensures sustainability targets are achieved as efficiently as possible with little or no disruption to the design team, Contractor, and more importantly the Client.

Daylighting Calculations

Daylighting calculations assess the level of natural light, or daylight factor, in a room and takes into account the surface areas of the room, the window area and glazing transmittance factor and the reflectance of room surfaces.

Eco-Futures can offer daylighting calculations which are often required for planning and Code for Sustainable Homes.