SAP Assessments

EPCSAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is the government devised method for calculating carbon emissions from a new dwelling, and these calculations are required at both the design and as-built stages by Building Control. SAP calculations are also used within Code for Sustainable Homes assessments for awarding points in the energy section.

As licensed and accredited Energy Assessors, Eco-Futures can provide SAP calculations and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for all new domestic dwellings in order to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Building Regulations Part L. We are experienced in applying innovative technologies within SAP and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on regulatory changes and technological advances.

We offer the following SAP services:

  • Design Stage SAP calculations for Submission to Building Control and PEAs
  • As-Built SAP calculations including the mandatory EPC
  • U-value Calculations

A u-value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall, floor or roof. The higher the u-value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope. A low U-value usually indicates high levels of insulation. U-values are important because they form the basis of any energy or carbon reduction standard.

U-values are calculated at the design stage of a project. A critical milestone in any building project is obtaining building regulation approval and for this a SAP calculation is required. As part of this process, the build up of any external construction element must be specified and from this its U-value can be derived.

Eco-Futures can carry out U-value calculations in conjunction with SAP calculations at design stage to enable our Clients to specify and install the appropriate insulation thicknesses in their buildings. We use complex, state of the art software to achieve this. We understand the practical implications of installing varying types of insulation and closely work with our Clients to ensure that the most cost effective solution is found.